C&C Music Factory work project

Project Overview

DePalma Creative (then DePalma Productions) was enlisted by Robert Clivillis, co-founder of the iconic C&C Music Factory, to produce a music video for his latest venture, the group Latinos Del Mundo (L.D.M.). With a remarkable legacy that includes the hit "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" featuring Freedom Williams, C&C Music Factory aimed for a comeback after over three decades. DePalma Creative took on the challenge of creating a captivating music video that would showcase L.D.M.'s talent while paying homage to its Latino dance music heritage.


The creative execution of the project was led by world known Maria Torres, who served as the creative director and choreographer along with her team. The project's vision centered around the creation of exceptional choreography, and Maria Torres, renowned for her expertise, was chosen to helm this aspect. In collaboration with Maria, DePalma Creative embarked on an intensive two-day shoot at Lightbox Studios in the Bronx. Here, Maria skillfully crafted intricate dance routines that captured the essence of L.D.M.'s vibrant performance.

Following the initial cut, feedback from our creative team illuminated the need for greater emphasis on the lead singer, Miguel Angel. Maria's insight and direction were invaluable in addressing this feedback. To achieve the desired focus on Miguel, an additional 16-hour shoot took place at Azure Stages in Scarsdale. With Maria's meticulous choreography, DePalma Creative artfully captured the dynamic and captivating presence of Miguel, ensuring that his performance was portrayed in all its glory.

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DePalma Creative showcased its technical prowess by enlisting certified Steadicam operator Joe Piacentino and utilizing their in-house 17-foot jib arm to execute smooth and dynamic camera movements. The masterful touch of Director of Photography Daniel Marracino, backed by a team of skilled Grips and Gaffers, ensured impeccable lighting. Overcoming the challenge of blending natural sunlight from expansive industrial windows, the team deployed more than 12 HMI lights at Lightbox Studios and utilized multiple rolls of ND gel to control sunlight intensity.  Robert DePalma, as the Director of the project, infused the music video with his creative direction and expertise. Guiding the narrative and visual aesthetics, DePalma orchestrated the collaboration of talents, ensuring that the essence of L.D.M.'s music was authentically captured on screen.  Two Arri Amiras were selected to immortalize Maria Torres' brilliant choreography and the exceptionally talented dancers.

The journey continued in-house with DePalma Creative's staff editor, Alex Skop, meticulously piecing together the captured footage. Weeks of dedicated effort were invested in post-production, resulting in a final product that resonated with the entire team's vision. The music video was a culmination of creative synergy, technical precision, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

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The creative prowess of DePalma Creative, with Maria Torres as the creative director and choreographer, yielded remarkable results with the "Vamos a Bailar!" music video. This captivating video showcased the talents of Miguel Angel, Nikko, and Rosario from L.D.M. and garnered widespread acclaim. A product of collaborative innovation, the video has achieved an impressive milestone of over 1.3 million views on YouTube.

Through a seamless integration of L.D.M.'s unique musical talents, Maria Torres' exceptional choreography, and DePalma Creative's technical expertise, the music video serves as a shining example of the agency's remarkable capability to bring artistic visions to life. It captures the very essence of musical expression and stands as a testament to the agency's ability to translate creativity into a visual masterpiece that resonates with audiences worldwide.